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Heart Health

#14 Cholesterol Control™
Cholesterol Control™ Helps support healthy LDL levels. Features Cholesstrino... Learn More
#205 clear by Bell® Omega 3
clear by Bell® Omega 3 Helps support cardiovascular health, cognitive health... Learn More
#26 Blood Pressure Formulation Combo™
Blood Pressure Formulation Combo™ Helps maintain healthy blood pressure leve... Learn More
#5 Heart Formula #5™
Heart Formula #5™ Garlic is used in Herbal Medicine to help maintain cardiov... Learn More

Heart Health

Bell offers many cardiovascular support products for your body, heart, and circulatory system—natural ways to take charge of your cardiovascular health that will enable you to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our cardio support supplements are carefully formulated with high quality ingredients known for their heart health enhancing properties. For instance, our Blood Pressure Formulation Combo #26 contains a good source of fish peptides that support healthy blood pressure.

Bell Lifestyle Products helps you keep to the beat of your lifestyle!

† Results may vary from one person to another.


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