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Allergy & Respiratory Health

#24 Allergy Relief
Allergy Relief Helps promote a normal immune response to allergens.* Balance... Learn More
#35 Stop Smoking Help
Stop Smoking Help Formulated to help with withdrawal symptoms and cleansing... Learn More
#43 Decongestant Tea
Decongestant Tea A natural decongestant formula in tea form. Helps combat f... Learn More
#44 Bronchitis Tea*
Bronchitis Tea A well known combination of traditional herbs that provide t... Learn More
#45 Breathing Relief Tea*
Breathing Relief Tea  Based on an ancient formula from the mountains of Leb... Learn More

Allergy & Respiratory Health

If you’re among the millions of North Americans troubled by seasonal or year-round respiratory issues. Our respiratory support products are a breath of fresh air compared to the chemical preparations so prominent on pharmacy shelves.

For seasonal allergies such as nasal congestion, sneezing, inflammation of the eyes, itching, and more, histamine balance is the key to comfortable relief. Our Allergy Relief product #24 contains a balance of time-honoured herbs, and includes rosmarinic acid for a complete histamine balance product.

Our Bronchitis Tea product #44 is a bronchial tea formulated with natural herbs including bitter fennel and fenugreek, to support the respiratory system and passages for good bronchial breathing. Bitter fennel and fenugreek, two of the most highly regarded herbs for respiratory support, are also present in our Breathing Relief Tea and Decongestant Tea formulations.

So take a deep breath… naturally with Bell!

† Results may vary from one person to another.


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